[Breaking News] Police Conduct Search and Seizure of Family Involved in ‘Suwon Jeonse Fraud’ Allegations

Police investigating the “Suwon Jeonse Fraud” allegations have initiated a forced investigation into the family involved in this case.

Suwon Jeonse Fraud

On the 17th, the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency conducted a search and seizure operation at the corporate office of the Jeong family, who are facing fraud charges.

Since receiving the initial complaint on this case last month on the 5th, the police have been conducting an investigation, having received a total of 134 complaints by the morning of the 16th.

The reported total amount of damages in the complaints amounts to approximately 19 billion KRW.

While the Jeong family had signed lease contracts of 100 million KRW each, the complainants allege that they have gone missing and have not returned the security deposits.

After analyzing the documents and materials obtained through the search and seizure, the police plan to summon the Jeong family members as suspects for questioning.

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