“Park Soo-hong’s Youngest Brother Faces Consequences After Testimony, Yet Supporters Remain”

The legal team representing broadcaster Park Soo-hong expressed their gratitude towards those who stood by his side.

Park Soo-hong

On the 13th, during the 8th trial of the special economic crime law (embezzlement) violation case involving his elder brother’s family, held at the Seoul Western District Court, Park Soo-hong’s parents, Mr. Park and Mrs. Ji, appeared in court as witnesses upon the request of his elder brother’s family.

Both parents denied the allegations against their elder son’s family and made statements concerning unverified claims regarding Park Soo-hong’s personal life. Following this, Park Soo-hong revealed on a YouTube channel, “It’s heartbreaking. After the complaint, I had exchanged messages with my mother, and it feels like I’ve truly become an orphan.”

On the 17th, Attorney No Jong-eon, who represents Park Soo-hong in the lawsuit, revealed during questioning related to these disclosures, “In August, Park Soo-hong’s younger brother appeared before the judge and said, ‘Ultimately, this turmoil occurred because of our elder brother. Our family has come this far thanks to Park Soo-hong’s efforts, and I believe he should not be treated this way by our elder brother.'”

Attorney No expressed his sorrow, stating, “It’s said that Park Soo-hong’s youngest brother faced consequences at home due to this testimony. He was scolded by his parents, who asked, ‘Why would you say such things (testify) to your elder brother?’ They even told him, ‘If you’re going to say such things, don’t even show your face.'”

Park Soo-hong’s younger brother appeared as a witness during the 7th trial, related to allegations of violating the special economic crime law (embezzlement) by his elder brother’s family. During the witness examination, Park’s younger brother made statements that suggested a complicated family situation, leaning towards their eldest son. He emphasized that he had not had a good relationship with his elder brother since childhood and that he only learned about the disputes with his elder brother through Park Soo-hong’s communication in 2020. He particularly mentioned that their relationship was strained because his elder brother did not consult with him on business matters.

Attorney No added, “The younger brother’s spouse also attended and said, ‘Our family reached this point because of our elder brother, and Park Soo-hong, our second son, made sacrifices for us. Park Soo-hong respected and cared for our parents more than anyone else.’ This statement provided some comfort to Park Soo-hong, as it made him feel that he had not been abandoned by everyone.”

During the 8th trial, Park Soo-hong’s parents appeared as witnesses. On this day, Park Soo-hong’s mother shared, “Recently, my youngest son came to me on my birthday and asked me not to let his father participate (as a witness). However, he still came.”

Not only his youngest brother but also Park Soo-hong’s current wife, Kim Da-ye, who supported him during difficult times in his family life, close friend Son Heon-soo, and those who replaced Park’s parents, including Park Kyung-rim, Kim Guk-jin, and Kim Soo-yong, are standing by Park Soo-hong.

Kim Won-hyo recently wrote on his SNS, “They say parents are like mirrors reflecting their children, and it seems that Hyung (Park Soo-hong) spent his life looking at a broken mirror. From now on, may you only see beautiful and splendid mirrors with your sister-in-law.”

Cho Hye-ryun also provided encouragement through her SNS, saying, “Soo-hong, Da-ye, stay strong. We’re here for you. Let’s go through life together.”

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